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Holiday Specials

Dinner Rolls

A fresh egg dough twisted in a knot shape available in an assortment of plain sesame seed, and poppy seed. These can also be special ordered plain if preferred. A perfect accompaniment to a delicious dinner.

Butterflake Rolls

Flaky dough generously layered with real butter, baked in a cupcake liner. Especially tasty when served warm! Available at holidays or special order anytime.

Rolled Poppy Logs

This holiday favorite is made from sweet dough is generously filled with poppy butter and walnuts and frosted with our yummy home made icing. This item is 24 inches long and can be purchased whole, 2/3rds or in a 1/3rd section.­

Rolled Fruit Log

A traditional type of fruit stolen we have available at Christmas also. This holiday favorite is made from sweet dough and generously filled with diced fruit, raisins, and walnuts. We frost it with our home made icing and garnish with diced fruit and walnuts. This item is 24 inches long and can be purchased whole, 2/3rds, or in 1/3rd sections.

Wreath Cake

A festive cake decorated with frosting to look like a holiday wreath.  Available in chocolate or vanilla cake flavors.

Holiday Medallion Cake

Delicious cake, generously frosted, and topped with a festive decorative medallion.  Available in chocolate or vanilla cake flavors.

Santa Sleigh Cake

Coconut Covered Snowballs

Holiday Cupcakes

Plain Tree Coffee Cake

Made from sweet dough, decorated with red & green sprinkles and red cherries.

Almond Fruit Tree Coffee Cake

A customer favorite made from Danish dough filled with almond paste and diced fruit, generously frosted and decorated with diced fruit on top

Cherry Canes

A delightful coffee cake prepared using flakey French pastry dough, filled with chopped cherry filling and generously frosted. Sorry but Santa said his Elves can only make these with the chopped cherry filling.

Christmas Cut Out Cookies

Our traditional home made cutout cookies for the holiday season . They are available in either plain or anise flavored. We also offer our cut out cookies unfrosted if you prefer to decorate them yourself.

Holiday Cookies

Delicious cookies beautifully decorated for the holidays


Moist and delicious made from only red and green cherries, pineapples and walnuts.  Our bakers soak the fruit in rum and whiskey for weeks before preparing the cake which only enhances the flavor.  Get it before it’s gone.  We make only a limited amount!

Cookie Dough

Available in plain or anise flavors, our cookie dough comes with frosting and sprinkles so you can enjoy baking your Christmas cookies!