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Eileen's Centerview Bakery

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New York Rye

Flavorful, dense, heavy rye bread great for sandwiches or toast, sold sliced by the pound. It can also be ordered in 1 and 2 pound long or round loaves. Great for party dips!

Sour Rye

Very delicious with a stronger rye flavor and a slight tang. Always available Friday, Saturday and Sunday but can be special ordered for any day of the week.

Swirl Rye

A great combination of new york rye and pumpernickel breads. Sold sliced by the pound or can be ordered by the loaf.


A nice, light rye with caraway seeds or seedless.

Alligator Bread

An old fashioned bread topped with our special rice flour topping–slightly sweet & crunchy.

Mother’s Bread

Old fashioned round loaf dusted with flour topping just like Grandma used to make.

Pumpernickel Bread

A dense hearty dark bread sold sliced by the pound. You may also special order your bread in long or round loaves. Order a 2 pound round pumpernickel for your party dip!

Homestyle White Bread

Grandma’s old fashioned favorite. Great for that perfect sandwich or toast.

French Bread

Plain or seeded. Great for garlic toast.

Vienna (Italian bread)

Available plain or with sesame seeds. Great with soups or chili.

Hard Rolls

Available plain, sesame, poppy, alligator & kimmelweck. Party size hard rolls (approx 3″ diameter) are available on special order only.

Alligator Rolls

Our homemade rolls topped with a special rice flour topping and baked to perfection with crunch and touch.

Dinner Rolls

A fresh egg dough twisted in a knot shape available in an assortment of plain sesame seed, and poppy seed. These can also be special ordered plain if preferred. A perfect accompaniment to a delicious dinner.

Butterflake Rolls

Flaky dough generously layered with real butter, baked in a cupcake liner. Especially tasty when served warm! Available at holidays or special order anytime.